Saturday, November 10, 2012

Billionaire Neocon Sheldon Adelson Spent $53+ Million on 2012 Races

Only 1 of his 8 candidates was a winner.

Here’s the list of  Adelson’s candidates from 2012:
  •  George Allen of Virginia  (Senate: lost to Tim Kaine)
  •   Connie Mack  of Florida  (Senate: lost to incumbent Bill Nelson)
  •  Joe Kyrillos of New Jersey (Senate: lost to incumbent Robert Menendez)
  •  David Dewhurst (GOP  Senate primary candidate in Texas.  He lost to Ted Cruz, who won the seat)
  •  Presidential contender Newt Gingrich
  • Congressional candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of New Jersey (lost to incumbent Bill Pascrell, Jr.)
  • Rep. Allen West of Florida, who is losing in the vote count but hasn’t conceded yet to  Democrat Patrick Murphy.
  • Presidential nominee Mitt Romney
(Via WSJ)


  1. I was pretty happy with the election results. Now even more so.

  2. You said he won 1 of 8 but it looks like they all lost. Which was the winner?

  3. I wonder how many of his candidates hit head winds similar to Cong West.

    Allen West, of Florida, a conservative was supposedly beaten by a democrat after his district was redrawn. He filed suit to have the ballot boxes impounded and was turned down by a judge.
    Fix has to be in if this report from Port St. Lucie County is correct. Massive fraud. Well over 100% of the county apparently voted.
    I’m including just a small portion of the numbers on the site.

                                                                      Registered voters               Votes Cast            % turnout
    001 Lakewood Pk Vil Hall – County                 4815                                6550                   136.03%
    006 Orange Blossom Business Center             1849                                2352                   127.20%
    007 Havert L. Fenn Ctr - City of FP D2              1996                                2566                   128.56%
    ************************** You’ll have to click for the rest of the precincts************************
         Total                                                         175554                             247713                   141.10%

  4. The important elections last week weren't federal elections, they were state elections. The most pro-liberty conservatives candidates were elected at the state level in many of the states as has ever been elected. There will be a 10th amendment show-down and I smell a revival of nullification!