Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bush Dynasty Continues

By, Chris Rossini
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America...The land of the free, and of representative government.

It's a land where ordinary people, like the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker all have an opportunity to pause their productive careers and enter into the higher calling of representing their community.

When their term of "public service" is up, and they're finished doing the work of "We The People," they seamlessly blend back in with their fellow citizens and return to their private lives and occupations.

America is the first nation on Earth to figure out how to harness this "necessary evil" known as government, and use it to create a "perfect union." Any evil that government can produce has been "shackled" and "chained" by the U.S. Constitution.

Ok...I haven't been in a government school in awhile, but I'm sure "Social Studies" books are still peddling such nonsense.

Now let's get back to reality, where government is not a "necessary evil," and not even necessary at all; and let's also get away from the fictional terms known as "We The People" and the "perfect union".

Let's talk about The Bush Dynasty.

It dates back to the 1930's with Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush. (Keep in mind that we're talking about 80 years ago!).

Bob Wenzel posted about Prescott earlier on EPJ:
Prescott, if anything, was a master manipulator, who spent most of his days plotting ways to advance the corporate state. Naomi Wolf reports that:

There was a scheme in the 30's and Prescott Bush was one of the leaders of this scheme, an industrialist who admired fascism and thought that was a good idea - to have a coup in the United States along the lines of the coup they saw taking place in Italy and Germany. Smedley Butler had been involved with violent regime change throughout his career, but he was approached by these conspirators, including Prescott Bush, and he outed them and he testified to Congress that they were planning a coup in the United States - it's in the Congressional record.
Prescott was also a Skull & Bones alumni, like his son H.W. and grandson W.

The Bush's have been part of the CIA (H.W.), Governors (W. & Jeb), Vice-President (H.W.), and Presidents (H.W. & W.).

In other words, when it comes to wielding political power, this family has got it! They've got the Medici touch.

It also appears that yet another Bush is about to enter the political fray:

George P. Bush, son of Jeb and nephew of W.

Huffington Post writes:
George P. Bush...has made a campaign filing in Texas that is required of candidates planning to run for state office...

The 36-year-old said in September his goal was to run for office and acknowledged that he had his eyes on several statewide offices.

Raised in Florida, Bush decided to settle in Texas, home to his uncle and his grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush. He runs a consulting firm and has been active in Republican Party outreach to college students. He's also the co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a group that seeks to elect Hispanic candidates...

Bush and his wife, Amanda, met while attending law school at the University of Texas at Austin. After working as a lawyer, Bush became a partner in a real estate investment firm. He has started his second company, St. Augustine Partners, a business consulting firm aimed at small- and medium-market energy industries.

Bush also has Navy service on his resume, including a six-month deployment to Afghanistan, where, for security purposes, he was given a different name. Not even those he was serving alongside knew he was a Bush.
The Bush Dynasty Continues...


  1. Chris, I love what you're doing for EJP. You've really filled in the gaps in coverage, and I like how you provide the backstory for each blog post, combining history with solid, proper theory.

  2. I voted for the two Georges but I will never again vote for any member of this family regardless of how libertarian they may appear. They are all wolves in sheep's clothing.

    Remember the Alamo, remember Goliad!

  3. The House of Bush is American royalty it seems to me. Ironic that "George" is their preferred first-son title echoing King George III unseated by Sam Adams (non-Yalie) and those shabby rebels. Won't happen again. Now we've got "democracy" to shield the royals. Long live King George!

  4. If you are interested in a "deep dive" on the Bush family, check out the book "Family Of Secrets" by Russ Baker. It's a truly incredible book.

    Russ Baker would make a good guest on the podcast.