Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lines ... Lines ... Everywhere There's Lines

By, Chris Rossini
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What's a common thread that runs through everything that government touches?

Lines...and lots of waiting.

Go to a're waiting.

Go to a Post're waiting.

Social Security Office?...Dreadful wait.

Ever have to go to court?...You're better off settling.

TSA?....Your wait is rewarded with a shot of radiation and a genital grab.

Drive on a "public road"?...You get to wait at the unnecessary lights and stand in unnecessary traffic jams.

Ride the public subway and (after feeding the rats their morning snack) get crammed in like a sardine.

Feel like renovating "your" house? Wait for a "permit".

Want to start a business? Good luck with that...

You'd think....YOU'D THINK..that maybe this doofus institution could get counting down without any problems or waiting.

Well you'd be wrong:

Ok...this year, there wasn't a "hanging chad" issue. But people were waiting in very long voting lines.

Some people in Florida were waiting up to 4 hrs! What a sad state of affairs.

Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott requested an official review of the state’s voting process...
Yes, the people (like the guy staring at the hanging chad) will do an "official review". 

Now, the good little government-educated citizen will use his/her brain cells to try to figure out how to make government more efficient. They'd have a better chance of reversing gravity. It is inherent in the structure of government not to be efficient. 

When you take away the price system...take away competition...take away supply and demand...take away voluntary transactions ... this is what you're left with; a cancer that takes out one vital organ after another.

I hate to remind you of this, but the next vital organ is healthcare. Unless you keep yourself healthy, you're in for another strong dose of AAA-grade government waiting.

So all the coalitions, conferences, think tanks, and technology initiatives that people waste their time forming to make this disaster more efficient, are all for naught.

The challenge at hand is not to make the parasite more efficient at sucking blood. The challenge is scratching it off your back completely.


  1. It isn't just the lines and waiting. It's the surly attitudes. Or the apathy. They can treat you like dirt because they can get away with it.

  2. As Bob pointed out yesterday in response to Reich: one way to get money is to provide what consumers want, another way is harness the brute force of government to your advantage. Let's see clearly the two kinds of people out there. When you see lines and government making a mess of things you can feel anger, disdain or humor for the people taking paychecks from this racket. Another option is to feel pity. How pathetic that a promising young person has such a low opinion of himself that he chooses to make his way in life as a "public servant" and becomes a member of the government gang trampling private property rights.

  3. Just caught the reference to the "Five Man Electric Band" song "Signs". You're a funny guy Bob.

  4. Mae Culpa. I thought this was Bob- I guess Chris is referring to the cover by Tesla.

  5. This is my favorite story about doofus election supervisors in Florida: Woman Wearing 'MIT' Shirt Barred from Voting in Florida