Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drudge Smacks Christie

The truth is governments are useless in emergencies. The "leaders" are posers. Christie, Bloomberg, Cuomo et al.

They only make matters worse, e.g., enforcement of anti-gouging laws, rationing and interference in privately written property damage insurance contracts.

These characters would have fit in nicely under Khrushchev. He looked ready for emergencies also.


  1. Drudge leans Neocon at times...part of me thinks is payback for fatboy parading around with the Black Jesus before the election like his lapdog.

    The other part of me says it is payback for not running on the GOP ticket as VP.

    1. Drudge is a shithead neocon all of the time.

    2. Agreed. His supplication towards Bush the Lesser after 9/11 made me drop him from my daily reading. He was replaced by so it was a net positive!

      Judas' appearance on SNL will go down in infamy. What a sick MFer.

  2. Was Judas the only performer? He looks like he swallowed the rest of the cast.

  3. "The truth is governments are useless in emergencies."

    The truth is governments are useless.....fixt!

  4. Drudge is still licking his wounds after his "all in" campaign for Romney, and after pretty much calling the election for Romney before the votes were counted. He came out looking like a novice. All he is doing now is hopping on a new bandwagon; that of one Marco Rubio. Which means he'll dump on anybody (and justifiably, in the case of Christie) who's not "his boy". You can expect the next 4 years of Drudge (if you wasted your time reading the rag) to be filled with all things Rubio.