Sunday, November 18, 2012

President Obama Checks in with His Controllers

White House official says Pres Obama called Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon & other "business leaders" this weekend to discuss "fiscal cliff" strategy.


  1. While these jerks are meeting to plot how they can steal more from me, I met with my wife tonight to discuss what we will be cutting to make up for the roughly $27,000 of increased taxes next year. We came up with a little over $39k in unnecessary but nice things we spend money on. So I guess in a way, I'm going to get raise! LOL It actually wasn't that hard to come up with a list and quite frankly it showed how much money we are wasting on things we really don't need or that do all that much to make our lives more enjoyable. Anyhow, raise away Washington thieves.

  2. Have they ever considered that if the national, state, and local govts put together already spend 40% of GDP, that maybe the problem is how much money they're wasting and not that greedy people aren't giving them enough money?

  3. Obama failed to finalize the Tar Sands project which allowed Warren Buffett, the guy who purchased Northern Burlington Santa Fe, to profit from the increased oil transport needs:

    Do we even need to discuss Dimon? Theft is only legal if it is done with government approval.