Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally an Admiral Dragged Into the Petraeus Scandal

Don't think for a minute the ladies messing up the careers of  US army generals stopped with ground forces. A retired United States Navy four-star admiral, William J. Fallon can proudly claim a mad connection to the gals.

We already know that when the twin sister of Petraeus' other other woman requested a character reference from four-star General Petraeus and four-star General Allen, they proceeded to stop managing the war and write up character reference letters that found their way to a Washington DC judge on behalf of the twin, Natalie Khawam.

She didn't stop there. She also received a character reference from Admiral Fallon's daughter, Wikipedia fills us in on Fallon:
His last military assignment was as Commander, U.S. Central Command from March 2007 to March 2008. ADM Fallon was the first Navy officer to hold that position. His other four-star assignments include Commander, U.S. Pacific Command from February 2005 to March 2007, Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command from October 2003 to February 2005, and 31st Vice Chief of Naval Operations from October 2000 to August 2003. On March 11, 2008, he announced his resignation from CENTCOM and retirement from active duty, citing administrative complications caused in part by an article in Esquire Magazine, which described him as the only thing standing between the Bush Administration and war with Iran.

So do you have this? Character references from 2 four-star generals and the daughter of a  four star admiral.  (And don't forget the shirtless FBI agent who went out of his way to start the investigation that is now known as the "Petraeus Scandl." So just what kind of woman is this Khawam to have generals, an the admiral's daughter and a shirtless FBI agent going out of their way for Khawam?

The Tampa Bay Times explains:
The Tampa police pulled up at the giant brick house at 1005 Bayshore Boulevard just after 10 a.m. on Aug. 10. In the driveway, officers found a process server who had been trying diligently to deliver a subpoena to a 37-year-old woman named Natalie Khawam. Her car was in the driveway. The server thought she was inside.

There's no mention of it in the notes the officers would file, but two agents from the FBI were there that day as well. The two men, wearing khaki pants and dark blazers, climbed out of a black SUV.

"She was rather fearful of what was going on," said the process server's boss, Amy San Marco, of San Marco and Associates in St. Petersburg. The server can't remember if the men identified themselves, or if the officers did, but she's certain they were with the FBI.

The episode ended when Jill Kelley came out of the house with wet hair, screaming at the server, then finally accepted the subpoena on her twin sister's behalf, Marco said. But in retrospect, it was a collision of two worlds.

The FBI had been investigating threatening emails sent by CIA Director David Petreaus' mistress to Jill Kelley. And the process server was there to serve Kelley's sister Khawam, who had acquired a staggering amount of debt and legal troubles since she moved to Tampa from Washington, D.C., in early 2009.

Police released the dispatch notes Wednesday, along with other calls for service that shed light on the odd goings-on at the mansion where Jill Kelley, surgeon husband Scott, and Khawam entertained Petraeus and other military leaders from MacDill Air Force Base. The juxtaposition of the closed-door troubles — including heavy debt and lawsuits — against the public perception of the twins, who dined with the leaders of the free world, has confused some who knew them.

"Some people like to hang around with people perceived as being big shots," said Tampa lawyer Barry Cohen, whose firm had been trying to serve Khawam that August morning. Khawam "does what she thinks is necessary for her to be perceived as being important."

Khawam and her sister made numerous calls to Tampa police over the past several years. Jill Kelley reported break-ins of her cars and her garage. Her identical twin's calls, however, involved much wilder unsubstantiated allegations.

On May 12, 2010, Khawam called police to report a violation of a domestic violence injunction against her husband, living in Washington, D.C. Khawam told police that her husband had previously threatened to kill her and that he had forced her to watch child pornography. She provided documents concerning an alleged act of abuse in March 2009 by her husband in D.C. One of the witnesses that Khawam named was Susan Fallon, the daughter of former CentCom commander Admiral William J. Fallon. Susan Fallon did not respond to a call for comment.

In June, 2010, Khawam summoned Tampa police to her sister's Bayshore mansion, alleging that a man who "works for her husband" had been "banging on her front door" two nights earlier. Khawam, 37, told the officer that this violated a domestic violence injunction she had taken out against her husband.

Khawam insisted the officer file a report, even though "she did not have any proof ... that the subject works for her husband," according to the officer. The officer urged Khawam to gather more evidence in the future.

"She advised it was not her job," the officer wrote. Later, the officer checked whether Khawam had called police two nights earlier, as she had claimed, and found she hadn't.

Later that same month Khawam reported another man banging on her door and videotaping through the windows. She told police that this man had been hired by her husband, whom she said was "a terrorist sympathizer ... funneling money overseas."

The complaints never went far. In fact, a judge cited them in awarding full custody of her child to her husband.

Her testimony was "so patently incredible, and so obviously fabricated, that it raised serious concerns in the court's mind not only about Ms. Khawam's credibility as a witness, but also about what appears to be her fundamental lack of integrity," the judge wrote.


  1. It's becoming obvious that these are character assassinations. Seems like a group wants them out. Maybe it's because the military has been thwarting the neocons and Clintons' attempt to start another major war in the middle east.

  2. Maybe this is a house cleaning to prevent a coup...

    After all, I don't think anybody on the right or the left is comfortable with the way this country is heading,

  3. Oh, so after Barry Cohen in Tampa got a slice of some $ 21 million dropped on him, he becomes a rabid attack dog against the Sid of Kelly.
    That is money dropped by the DOJ.
    Google Barry Cohen, qui tam .
    How come pieces don't bring out all the real estate foreclosure problems of Bsrry Cohen.
    Odd, try a google on that to.
    So, because Natalie ex is a big shot in Bush circles,
    you just don't look at the total picture
    Of course, Jill Kelly's sis is a big social butterfly with Senator John Kerry, too.
    You can google that as well and it will become apparent the extent of political networking, in the mix

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