Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are the Twins Operatives for a Foreign Intelligence Agency?

So what's up with these hot and loony gals, Jill Kelley and her twin sister, who hang in top circles of the US military?

During a recent discussion with a friend, I pointed out that the one thing that seemed to discredit the theory that the twins were some sort of operatives for a foreign intelligence agency is that the greatest damage has been done to General David Petraeus, who was seemingly not completely infatuated with Israel.

The twins were born in Lebanon and thus in my mind this cancelled out the possibility that they would want to in any way take out a general who appeared to have anti-Israeli sympathies.

Well, it turns out that these gals were not only born Lebanese, but born Maronite Christian Lebanese.

I'll let Orcas George of the Daily Kos take the story from here (My highlight).

OK, this is getting weird.   If Jill Kelley was not in the employ of a foreign intelligence service then the world's spy agencies have collectively suffered a dereliction of duty.
As we know today, General Petraus's successor in Afghanistan is a man named General John Allen who also happens to be in line for promotion to Commander of the United State European Command and Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.   
It probably goes without saying that both General Petraus of the CIA and General Allen would be top targets for foreign intelligence operations -- especially by countries in the Middle East.   Knowing details of US actions there would be of benefit to many countries; some allies, some nominal allies and some considered to be enemies.
The fact that socialite Jill Kelley's maiden name is Khawam and that she was born in Lebanon to Maronite Christian parents should raise eyebrows a bit.   (Note that the Maronite Christians were allies of Israel in the Lebanese Civil War/Lebanon invasion.) 
  The fact that she and her husband were willing to go into debt to throw lavish parties for high level officers who are involved in the Middle East should make even the most resolute anti-CTers among us pause.   The further fact that she is identified as an unofficial liason between top American Generals and unspecified Middle Eastern contacts, well...

Here's more interesting theorizing from Orcas:

Anybody who reads the history of previous intelligence/counterintelligence operations will note a few things that are of concern.   It is pretty strange for a US General involved in Afghanistan to be exchanging "thousands of emails" with a civilian woman who is not his wife and who has no official duties whatsoever.

Jill Kelley, a Tampa resident who poured her energies into throwing lavish parties for and hobnobbing with area military brass, is now linked to two of the nation’s top commanders in a fast-moving scandal.
In recent years, Kelley and her husband, Scott, had appointed themselves ad hoc social ambassadors for military personnel at nearby MacDill Air Force Base, just a stone’s throw from the Kelleys’ mansion on Bayshore Boulevard.
The parties were how Jill and Scott Kelley eventually became friends with Holly and David Petraeus. They were also how Kelley came to be in regular contact with Allen. Both generals served as the top officers at the U.S. Central Command, based at MacDill
Kelley and her twin sister, Natalie Khawam, often went shopping and out to lunch with Holly Petraeus, particularly when her husband was stationed in Afghanistan, the friends said.
Access.  This woman was well positioned to interact with top US brass in the Middle East.   Although by no means conclusive, why would a surgeon and his wife buy a very expensive house near a military base and immediately throw themselves into cultivating relationships with the top brass?    The surgeon does not appear to be particulary wealthy, well respected but working for a University clinic.   If you have family in the medical field you know oncologists are not particularly well-paid.
The social galas seemed to spare no expense, guests said, and often featured copious buffets, valet parking, string quartets, as well as premium cigars and champagne.  While they were throwing glamorous parties, the Kelleys racked up substantial debt, prompting banks to initiate foreclosure proceedings on two properties

...Connections.     These people are essentially foreign nationals which is no crime or sin, but their aggressive attempt to get access to top military personel certainly should have raised a warning bell in both Petraus's and Allen's minds (or the minds of their staff.)       Oh wait...
A military officer who is a former member of Petraeus’s staff said Kelley was a “self-appointed” go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern government officials.  She was a fixture at social and charity events involving Central Command officials in Tampa. The officer said Kelley’s presence was often a bit puzzling to Petraeus’s staff, but the officer said there was never any indication that her relationship with the general was anything more than social.
Opportunity.   Somehow this woman's role has morphed from socialite to "go-between" for CC officers and Middle Eastern government officials.   How one goes from partying in Florida to arranging our, um, affairs with other nations is a bit of a puzzle. 


  1. Noticing how the twins seem to orbit around trouble, I'm wondering how long before somebody really starts picking at the scab that's the ex-husband of Natalie Khawam: Grayson Wolfe. I gotta believe there's some pus under that one.


    1. Scab, Pus, nice choice of words. Accurate, though :)

    2. Natalie goes into the family business, on her own.
      She knows the money there to be made, and she needs the money.

      Just guessing.

  2. "oncologists are not particularly well-paid...." Are you kidding? They're paid well enough. It would appear that their "spending" was out of line with even that level of income which is a common enough failing. Regardless it's quite clear that these people essentially came out of the blue and like party crashers just made themselves at home. And just which Middle Eastern countries were they the go-betweens for, hmmm?

  3. Look, you never know. But why I find amusing is that this guy speculating at the Daily Kos on possible spying thinks this type of fraternization is so atypical. I don't think it is at all. Power attracts company does it not?

  4. Oh, and that Grayson cat seems to get around. While not only hob-nobbing around Iraq for obvious profit he and others managed in only a few months immediately after 9/11 to craft up some railroad measures. How convenient! It all smells.

  5. "[Grayson] represented clients engaged in Homeland Security, Telecommunications and Intellectual Property matters."

    Guilty! Guilty, guilty, GUILTY!