Saturday, November 17, 2012

George Soros Buying Gold, Again

When it comes to the medium of exchange, the great manipulator likes what can't be manipulated.

Billionaire investors George Soros and Louis Moore Bacon increased their stakes in exchange-traded products backed by gold as prices jumped the most in more than two years, BW reports.

Soros Fund Management boosted its investment in the SPDR Gold Trust, the biggest fund backed by the metal, by 49 percent to 1.32 million shares as of Sept. 30 from three months earlier, a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing for third- quarter holdings showed yesterday.

Bacon’s Moore Capital Management LP acquired 1.8 million shares in Sprott Physical Gold Trust last quarter.


  1. Even the interventionists know the dollar is going to crash, there's virtually no way the budget can sustain 4 more years of trillion dollar deficits. The markets will spike up and down with Bernanke's printing, and nominal values may rise, likely, but the dollar loses at least 20% over Obama's second term because Countries will continue to relegate it to the dust bin of history where it belongs. So called dollar hegemony is ending thankfully, as China, Russia and others opt out of the petro dollar. So we all wait for the collapse, I doubt the US can sustain 20 trillion in on publicly shown debt when the world knows about its unfunded liabilities. Guess George is becoming an Austrian, maybe Krugman will change his mind too, lol, likely he'll call for another round of stimulus....buffoon.