Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gmail Makeover Coming

Note: The new Gmail program was delivered to my inbox yesterday. First impression is that it is different versus better or worse. It takes some getting use to--which I guess is to be expected. I'm sure I will have a stronger opinion in a couple of days, when I try to use familiar features and discover they have changed.


  1. Now if Gmail could just force Wenzel to post the FULL content to RSS! Seriously!

    1. Presumably he thinks he'll get more eyes on his ads if people have to click through to the site.

      I think this is really wrong-headed.

      When I see a bunch of two-line (truncated) posts on the RSS feed, I generally can't be bothered to find out if they are worth reading. I have many other blogs in my feed. But if I can see the whole things in RSS, I'll maybe read it and then click through to read comments.

      But even without comments, I still find myself clicking through if I can see more in the RSS. If I see 5 or so interesting posts, it feels more worth my while to go to the site.

      Really I think the key to generating ad revenue is providing the best user experience possible.

  2. Another Gmail makeover?
    Here's a suggestion: when you delete a message, DON'T delete your reply from the Send-folder.
    In all my other email clients, the Send folder is separate from and not affected by deletes from another folder.