Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Harvard Business Review Promotes Politically Active Companies

Christopher Barcelo emails:
I'm all for people being able to spread there political opinion everywhere and freely debate and exchange.  I just think from a libertarian perspective that it's almost funny how people overlook the quid pro quo aspect of legalized plunder.  Articles like this make it seem like you're gonna miss the boat if you and your employer don't discuss which agenda is best for your company so you can vote correctly.
Politically active companies... A new thing?


  1. The roots of greater fascism continue to grow.

  2. I've worked at 3 different large corporations in the last 10 years. Every one of them had a "commissar" department in Human Resources.
    That group of people handled areas like:
    green, sustainability, community outreach, giving, volunteering, recycling, ....and on and on.
    Participation in these initiatives is not voluntary. The companies pat themselves on the back for being so enlightened and modern.
    There is no visible benefit to customers, stockholders or employees from these programs, but they help to perpetuate and extend the value systems of the statists.