Tuesday, November 27, 2012

He Shoots, He Scores! ... High Fives All Around For Judas Christie!

By, Chris Rossini
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Judas is on fire!

Hurricane Sandy was a big opportunity for him to display his power-wielding skills; and he delivered the goods.

New Jerseyans, both Republican and Democrat, are infatuated with Christie's ability to squeeze that iron fist.

When it's time to get the rest of the nation to pay for damages, Christie is the man!

Judas hit a grandslam, and the polls numbers are reflecting it.

The Washington Post reports:

Christie has seen a massive boost in his popularity in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with 77 percent of New Jerseyans saying they approve of the governor in a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll released Monday. That’s up from 56 percent before Sandy.

Christie even gets positive marks from 67 percent of Democrats. Just 17 percent of all registered voters in the Garden State say they disapprove of his performance.
Put plainly: For politicians, it doesn’t get much better than that — especially for a Republican in a blue state. (And the numbers, for what it’s worth, match up with recent internal polling conducted for the state GOP.)
Judas even has beltway libertarians in his pocket:

On the back of all this support, Christie has decided to file for re-election in 2013.

Another term as Governor is a perfect stepping stone to the grand prize known as the U.S. Presidency.

You want a taste of the iron fist America?

Someone to clean up Obama's mess?

Just wait until 2016.

You're next!


  1. http://www.delawareliberal.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Christie-AC-color.jpg

  2. The country is filled with sick people. In fairness to our country it's probably a similar percentage to the rest of the people of the world.

    So many love to see power excercised...it's all so sad.

    1. That's why anarchist libertarians who abstain from voting and encouraging others not to vote are the downfall of this movement. Because the best we could realistically ever hope for is 34% of the vote if we ran third party. 100% support for liberty, what it would take to have full anarcho-capitalism, is likely impossible. And yet the anti-voting libertarians say that the latter is all that's acceptable. That we shouldn't try to improve our lives by supporting people like Gary Johnson who would drastically shrink the government & reduce it's power. No, we can't settle for anything less than anarchist perfection, which means that we can never have any liberty at all and that we'll have to live under the rule of people like Christie all our lives.

    2. Dave, we just realize that the only way liberty is going to thrive is by decentralization. We will never get even 34% of the +300M in the USA to agree, so breaking it up into smaller units (aka states) is the only remedy.

      Thank God the secession movement is growing- by the end of 0bombers term it will hopefully reach critical mass (and studies show all it needs is 10% of the population to be committed for that "phase change" to happen) and we will then win!!!

    3. The libertarian party got 1%. That would suggest that the other 33 percent were the anarcho-capitalists, which further suggests that achieving anarcho-capitalism is more likely than an LP candidate in the white house.

      And that makes no sense. The anarcho capitalist vote is microscopic.

    4. Dale I support the secession movement too but supporting libertarian candidates for president as well in no way works against it. We need a diversity of strategies. Education is a very important part of it and probably the most important part but engaging in the political process rather than just letting the establishment have full control over it is important as well. Another element to this is that a lot of people that might agree with us still won't vote for libertarians because the perception is it's a 'wasted vote'. Getting a larger minority of the votes works to change that perception. The more votes libertarians get the more people will look at it seriously and not just a fringe novelty type thing. Regardless of your intent, you guys are effectively working to keep us in that fringe category and keep our positions from being taken seriously on a large scale.

  3. Sad.....He has done just what the people wanted him to do. How do things change when the people who desire change cannot get elected.

  4. Christie will give Bloomberg a run for his money. NJ citizens can take comfort in the fact that Christie will never pass a fat tax or limit soda sizes.

  5. Fatboy is popular? Thanks for depressing me. And thanks, a century-plus of government "school," which ensures nobody ever learns economics or any other subject that might contribute to, you know, critical thinking.

  6. I cry every night thinking about how much more food could go to the needy if Christie would stop eating it all.

  7. I predict that this will be like Giuliani and 9-11; Christie will be bringing up Hurricane Sandy at future political debates, and other sad moments of trying to relive this glory.

  8. Not to worry, his heart won't make it to 2016. Ahhhhh, actually he doesn't have a heart - never mind...

  9. Those of us who understand libertarian principles, economics, and real American history see Christie for what he is: a big, fat (no pun intended) liberal in Repub clothing. What a disgrace.

    If Booker plans to run for Governor in the upcoming election, he has his work cut out for him. New Jerseyians are not likely to soon forget the "help" (i.e. statist, command & control "help") Christie provided. And that has the real possibility of propelling him to an election day victory.