Friday, November 30, 2012

Hillary's Latest "Blueprint"

By, Chris Rossini
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Whenever I hear of a central planner talking about "blueprints", I always think of FDR's Chief Economic Advisor Rexford Tugwell, who said:

I have gathered my tools and my charts,
My plans are finished and practical.
I shall roll up my sleeves - make America over…

Hillary has rolled up her sleaves, and is going after AIDS (with your money).

CNN says
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday unveiled what she described as a "blueprint" to guide global efforts in wiping out the AIDS virus, focusing on improving treatment and prevention practices to "get ahead of the pandemic."

The initiative is part of a plan to "usher in an AIDS-free generation," said Clinton, who hailed a 200% increase in U.S.-funded antiretroviral drug treatments since 2008.
There's also the usual Clintonian twist:
The program is also expected to address gender inequities that she said puts women and girls at a higher risk of contracting the virus.
See, it's not just those white-collar CEO's that have gender biases....AIDS discriminates unequally too.

Bottom line?

Does AIDS need to be cured? Of course!

Are government humanitarians, swimming in taxpayer dollars, going to do it? Chances are about as close to nil as you can get.

Picture the DMV...the Post Office...The TSA....

Then picture them curing AIDS.


  1. There's a typo there; it should read:

    "I shall roll up my sleeves - fuck America over…"

    1. Tugwell is the harebrain who, as senior fellow of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, gave us The Emerging Constitution (1970).

      It proposes planning and regulatory branches for the government and a reorganization of the 50 states into no more than 20 regions (I think it's unofficially an official 10) of the federal government. Much of it definitely preceded this document.

      All I can say right now about Hillary Clinton and government planning is this: whenever government wages a war against something like AIDS, expect more people to contract and die from AIDS-related diseases. To boot, public "education" on sex and death is a disaster.

      Charlotte Iserbyt convinced me that public education social programs are introduced into peaceful communities that don't have these problems in the first place. The PTB have snow-balled this system so that these communities will get these problems good and hard. Think DARE. I went through it, and roughly half of the kids that surrounded me got into drugs of some kind. I thank my imperfect but good upbringing for keeping me away from drugs. Not the government.

  2. Let me guess, the company(ies) which receive(s) federal dollars will also be a company that was a large campaign contributer to Clinton's campaign, or the Democratic party in general?

  3. "Does AIDS need to be cured? Of course!"

    The money fueled establishment frenzy behind curing AIDS is only interested in finding a cure for HIV, despite people like Peter Duesberg and Henry Bauer arguing for years that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. Unfortunately the money talks louder than the more obvious causes of immune deficiency (like overuse of recreational and prescription drugs in western countries, malnutrition and lack of sanitation in Africa).

    1. Yeah. The problem with these theories is that they completely ignore the several thousand pieces of published work that demonstrate that HIV destroys CD4+ T Cells, and that loss of CD4+ T cells leads to AIDS. All of those other things may factor in, but without more data than Duesberg has, he just promotes an unsupported theory that looks ridiculous to everyone else.