Thursday, November 1, 2012

If You Think a Republican in Office Means Better Debt Management...

...check out this chart of the change in America's debt by presidential term.


  1. Where is FDR? Also, it is clear Obama (102.5) blows any and all away, he would do the same if returned to office.

  2. Would be enlightening to see the same chart, only ranked by party-dominance in Congress.
    The President can propose a budget but it is Congress which authorizes the money.

    I read recently that we had an actual budget 3.5 years ago. But none since.

  3. Seems distorted because of post WW2 administrations of Truman and IKE. On the other hand, has the GOP ever cut any programs? Even Gordon mentions Romney might repeal ObamaCare, does anyone believe this? Ron Paul reminded us the GOP at least use to talk about abolishing departments.The only time taxpayers benefited from an incoming GOP politician that I know of was Walker in Wisconsin. And he took on the labor unions not to benefit taxpayers but to hurt his democratic opponents.Collateral benefit if you will