Sunday, November 4, 2012

Judas Christie Pats Himself On The Back

By, Chris Rossini
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Yesterday, Judas proclaimed his gas rationing edict, which went into effect today.

And wouldn't you know...the lines are shorter !!

Hmmm...there's still an hour wait though....

Perhaps, a new executive order is necessary: "Odd license plates and your name begins with the letter J".

The lines will get shorter still, wouldn't they?

You see, with Christie, the problem is the long lines. So, he uses his dictatorial powers to force people not to get in them.

In his head -- Problem solved.

But the problem has not been solved.

The cause of the long lines and shortages has not been addressed. The cause (of course) is that government interferes in the market and doesn't allow market prices to exist. Prices are instead forced by government decree to remain at pre-crisis levels.

Were the market allowed to clear, then prices would surely be higher; but the tortuous lines would cease to exist, and everyone could rationally plan on how to deal with the reality of current market conditions.

The challenge is, politicians, and their government educated citizenry, specialize in running from, and trying to outfox reality.

Judas Christie just happens to be the flavor of the month.


  1. As a coastal resident down South, I'm so happy to see these idiots suffer. It brings great joy to me. Many are libtards and make fun of those in 'flyover' country.

    Those who did not prepare are not looking to smart right now.

  2. Free market prices are magic!

    A. Low prices 1) encourage profligate use 2) discourage new suppliers coming to profit
    B. High prices (aka "gouging") 1) discourage profligate use 2) encourage new suppliers coming to profit

    Wow! And people wouldn't have to wait for St. Christie to part the clouds and let the sun shine!!

  3. Something tells me Gov. Christie is oblivious to supply and demand, not to mention what it's like to stand in line to buy gas. His driver handles that.

    On the other hand, from the looks of his formidable waist line, I'd say he's an expert at standing in the buffet line.