Monday, November 12, 2012

Judge Napolitano: ‘What Were FBI Agents Doing Monitoring Petraeus’ Private Emails?’

BTW: Judge Napolitano will be my guest this Sunday on the Robert Wenzel Show.


  1. If everyone here remembers there was a prostitution scandal earlier this year that involved FBI & military(and probably some CIA). One of Obama^s personal guards was involved, some were married men,etc....HUGE security risks everywhere....

    Something tells me on a surface level that this was a result of some internal clean up after the scandals broke(not withstanding some of the conspiracy theories).


  3. My understanding is (potential) mistress #2 Jill complained to the FBI about mistress #1 Paula sending threatening emails. This sparked an FBI investigation and therefore the .gov needs no due process. Please correct me if this is not accurate.

  4. Hanlon's Razor is at play- don't ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence. The FBI-CIA rivalry might have been the reason. Once the woman Broadwell was harassing called the FBI and they got wind of this, the rest w just gra

    1. That last sentence shoud read "the rest was just gravy" for the FBI, bringing down a CIA man.

  5. My gut feeling on this is that Petraeus knows something regarding Benghazi but Obama wants it swept under the rug. I wouldn't be shocked if the women he supposedly had affairs with aren't also CIA. I also wonder if all of these guys have potential "outs" that they've built up for years so they'll have something legitimate to point to when they need to "play their ace".

    I know this seems like a fringe type conspiracy theory but we are talking about the CIA here.

  6. Blackwell was very very accomplished, read sophisticated.

    Incomprehensible that she would start launching threats from CIA director's hacked gmail account, and expect a reasonable outcome. She has a background in intelligence for G sake.

    That story-line stinks to high heaven.


  7. I was just bemoaning the fact that the mainstream media has (as usual) latched onto the government's cover story regarding this affair without the slightest hint of skepticism or curiosity. The U.S. media is essentially a government press agent. It's obvious to those of us who don't believe the civics class fairy tales about government that Petraeus' fall from grace is the result of some internal power struggle that won't be reported on the evening news. We were supposed to think the CIA chief -- i.e. the man in charge of secret prisons, torture, assassinations, drone strikes, rigging elections and overthrowing governments -- was a boy scout. Now we are supposed to be shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- that he bedded a woman who isn't his wife.

    The pertinent question isn't who committed adultery. I'm guessing most of the powerful men in the government have committed nearly every sin in the book. The pertinent question is who wanted Petraeus out of the picture and why.

  8. I don't disagree- wherever the CIA farts, the media denies the smell. But, in this case it's too haphazard, too uncontrollable, the narrative too explosive. More likely a low level FBI functionary was investigating and found info that could take down a rival in the CIA and get major promotions. The fact that Cantor was involved makes it even more suspicious- he hated Petraus dovish approach to the middle east.

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