Saturday, November 10, 2012

LOL Romney's Centrally Planned Get Out the Vote Program

David Mueller emails:
Mr. Small Government himself thought he could centrally plan his own
campaign.  Instead of using the Republican Party's time tested localstrike lists, he rolled out, the day of the election, their massivecentrally planned Get Out the Vote campaign software.  Nobody got trainedon it.  It never was stress tested.  It crashed many times during the dayand was beached by 4pm.
Romney was a central planner through and through.  I am glad he lost.  Hewould have steered the country from difficulty into disaster and cascadedfrom chaos into catastrophe. 
Here's the full hilarious article:


  1. Romney a faux free marketer. He would have expanded big government as much as Obama and he would have done it with little or no opposition being he was the supposed "free market" candidate.

  2. Hey David Mueller check out number three.