Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Projected: World Wrestling Exec Linda McMahon Loses to Chris Murphy in CT US Senate Race

Linda McMahon has spent $100 million on two failed Senate runs.

Is this the cue for Peter Schiff to run again?


  1. Is this a cue for voters to stop using the "ABO" mentality, and to pick someone that will have a worthwhile and intelligent message that will run over the other guy's failed economic message?y

  2. Not only is she losing but, I saw a news article today where she was basically running as an independent. Disavowing the Republican party to get in better with the state'd dems.

    I hope Peter gives it another shot and wins.
    Would love to see him on the floor filibustering some garbage spending bill.

  3. i am from connecticut, Peter is huge here, he should run again, hed get easily get the nomination

  4. 100 million to lose twice? Just think of how many better things that could have gone towards! What an idiot.

  5. I wonder if Peter would still say that he might want to bomb Iran.