Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Truth Will Out: Mises Institute Mentioned in U.K Parliamnet

"Boom Bust" emails:
I thought this might be of interest to you. Douglas Carswell is a member of the British Parliament and the conservatives, who speaks up for Austrian economics. This is from his blog: http://www.talkcarswell.com/home/the-economic-consequences-of-economists/2484 
I have written about him on my blog (http://theboombust.blogspot.no/2012/09/douglas-carswell-my-man.html) trying to get some Norwegians to open their eyes for this man.
This guy even mentioned the Ludwig von Mises institute in a speech in the parliament recently: I can't say I have seen that before in European politics. 
It's great to see politicians who hold such views

Awesome! Carswell also does a pretty good job of explaining Austrian business cycle theory and the problem with fractional reserve banking, from a Rothbardian perspective.


  1. Robert, how do you feel about full reserve banking? I'm sorry if I missed a previous article were you discussed this.

    Also great video. I chose not to vote today b/c I no longer believe in the state but I would have never been able to make that decision or even reading your blog without Ron Paul.

    In honor of the charade that is playing out tonight I'd like to thank politicians such as Dr. Paul and maybe Doug Carswell for introducing individuals to the ideas of liberty and Austrian economics.

  2. TPTB will never allow an Austrian econ believer in a position power.

    It scares them because it takes power from them!