Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Raimondo: Always Putting Things in Perspective


  1. Maybe we won't go to war with Iran. That's about the only thing I'm hoping for with knucklehead's reelection.

    Oh, and I must admit it's nice to see the RNC get boned after the bullshit they pulled on Ron Paul and his delegates.

    Either way, we're going off the fiscal cliff at full speed and they aren't even going to tap the brakes.

    1. I like your comment! Let me also add if we are trying to see the glass "half full" that Obama doesn't seem to want to play ball with Israel(but maybe it's just personal with Netanyhu)

      Either way, it will be a fiscal me the big question is "when". I wish I had a better feel for the economic d-day. In the mean time I'll just keep stockpiling gold/silver.

  2. Oh, that Justin... He's so CYNICAL!!! :)

  3. Anon nailed it perfectly. The corporate-run GOP is the big loser in this election. The liberty wing of the GOP is the long term winner.

  4. Suck it gop, you vote for neo-cons you get what u ask 4