Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Rand Paul Supported Candidate, Richard Mourdock, Loses

Rand Paul's political action committee, RAND PAC,  made a "six-figure" media buy in Indiana and broadcast an an ad attacking Mourdock's Democratic opponent Joe Donnelly.

RP's efforts were not strong enough to put Mourdock over the top in Indiana or Akin in Missouri.


  1. way to go wenzel! A socialst is elected prez, and you go and pick on the the most libertarian senator!!!! Idiot.

    1. Rand Paul is a "libertarian" senator like Mitt Romney was a "conservative" candidate.

      Political euphemisms are meant for gullible voting sheep like you.

  2. Mourdock was the lesser of two evils. It is too bad he lost. Now we will have more evil rather than less evil.