Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rand Robos for Akin

Rand Paul is featured in a new Todd Akin robocall, reports Politico.

The call is going into homes tonight.


I have reported before:
Who is Todd Akin? He appears to be an evangelical war hawk, who has no hardcore principles when it comes to support of  free markets.  According to WSJ:
In a 13-minute speech at a campaign stop this week, Missouri's Republican senatorial candidate, Rep. Todd Akin, never mentioned jobs or the economy. He did, however, mention God—31 times. 
"God is the start of it all," Mr. Akin told about 150 attendees at the "Missouri Women Standing with Todd Akin" rally Monday afternoon. 
Mr. Akin, a six-term representative from the St. Louis area, has long been a favorite of evangelical Christians...

In a recent statement, Akin said:

 The Constitution is clear: the federal government must provide for the common defense. I have fought for a strong defense budget on the Budget Committee, and have worked to put that defense budget to the best possible use on the Armed Services Committee. My subcommittee worked for a strong Navy and a strong Air Force, supporting tanker, airlift and bomber programs. We also added roughly a billion dollars to the Navy shipbuilding account, to help grow our Navy fleet...

As far as blocking free markets,  Akin is a staunch advocate of a federal prohibition of online poker. In 2006, he co-sponsored H.R. 4411, the Goodlatte-Leach Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, and H.R. 4777, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.

Akin has a mixed record on votes to raise the debt ceiling, he first voted for them, but now votes against them. He voted for off-balance-sheet wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voted to create the unfunded Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Three of his sons attended the Naval Academy.


  1. Rand is just drafting people who have been disregarded by the GOP to play on his team. If elected, Akin will be a useful person to have working with Rand.

  2. Aqua Buddha saw an opportunity to cash in on his father's reputation and now he enjoys the celebrity that comes with being a big time Senator (making endorsements, attending the White House Correspondents dinner to rub shoulders with the presstitutes, having the honor to "spin" (aka lie) for Rombot on talk shows and the campaign trail, etc).

    Beyond him uttering one liners like "we need to audit the FED" or "transparency," which any parrot could do, I doubt that he could hold his own in a debate on monetary policy or the cause of the business cycle with a smart Keynesian insider like his old man could.

    Maybe guys like Aqua Buddha and Jesse Benton sell out not because they're evil but because they need Ron Paul's coattails and are too stupid to make it on their own?

  3. The only thing positive I can say about Akin is that at least his kids are (apparently) in the Navy. So if he turns out to be a war monger, I'm assuming that he really believes in the cause.

  4. Akin's opponent voted for obamacare. Akin opposes obamacare. Rand is trying to get rid of obamacare. Apparently, the EPJ supports obamacare.

    1. Apparently you're an idiot who thinks that Obamacare is the only issue at stake.

    2. Apparently you're a moron who has never heard of logic.

      Here's one.
      Romney has his own version of government run healthcare.
      Rand Paul endorsed Romney. Therefor Rand Paul like government run healthcare. Therefor those who defend Rand Paul also like government run healthcare.

      Repeat the same with war etc...

  5. Let's just wait for the Rand cheerleaders to say this is more clever "strategy" by Rand...

    Maybe he can start writing for the Weekly Standard and talk about the muslim fascist threat on Rush's show as even more clever strategy next?