Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ron Paul to Take His Case for Liberty to College Campuses

The Hill reports:

The 77-year-old physician-politician said, “I'm excited about spending more time on college campuses, not less. College campuses will still be on my agenda. That's where the action is." 
He added, “The young people don't like the debt they are inheriting, the violation of their civil liberties. They don't like the war and it's a fertile field. The people up here sort of ignore them."
During the 2012 GOP presidential primary campaign, Paul said that he visited at least 36 college campuses. He was surprised that the best turnout occurred at the historically liberal bastion, U.C. Berkeley, where 8,500 students attended his event. 
“The same week I went to Texas A&M, which is conservative, I got like 4000 [students]. They thought that was good, but we went out to Berkeley and they said that [crowd] wouldn't have happened in the 60's,” Paul said with a chuckle.


  1. I have a feeling Dr Paul's crowds are going to grow significantly larger. He really is getting "rock star" level status amongst young (and young at heart) people, and 4 more years of 0bama will just make them larger. If he were to lead a protest on Washington DC (aka Mordor on the Potomac) he could get a million people to join him.

    1. A million might be conservative. Better he lead the National Opt Out TSA Screening protest especially given the amount of traveling he's going to do assuming he's not flying a private jet. Success with this would be more practical than a march.

  2. Oh, this man will be free to do a whole lot more for the cause of liberty without the insanity and restraints of holding a political office. The prospect is so exciting to me I can hardly STAND it! I'm more excited about this movement than I was when he was winning during his campaign. Here we go!