Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judas Takes His Circus National

By, Chris Rossini
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If there's one thing authoritarians dislike, it's being out of the limelight (see Bill Clinton). The masses must always be aware of their presence.

Even though the Sandy hysteria is beginning to die down, Judas Christie does not want the fun to end. Like he said, a mere 9 days ago, he won't let you forget him:

What better way to keep the circus going then to hit the nationally televised Saturday Night Live?

While New Jersey residents clean out the filth and mold from their homes, they can turn on the tube and watch their Dear Leader connect with all Americans with some good wholesome laughter.

Judas can show them that, even though he's a gas rationing, contract breaking, private enterprise bully, deep down he's just a jovial guy.

So let's sit back and have a good belly laugh together.

Let's shower Judas with excessive applause, and chortle at the "stupid" Mayors that decided to disobey his orders:


  1. I watched SNL on Hulu today, and had to FF through his segment, but caught the part about "idiot mayors" and it made me sick. What a fucking moron.

  2. I just came across this, the opening line of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "Dice, Brass Knuckles, and Guitar". I wish I had found it sooner in the Sandy Saga.

    "Parts of New Jersey, as you know, are under water, and other parts are under continual surveillance by the authorities."