Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twin #2 Linked to Military Lobbyist and Senator John Kerry

This is amazing, it just doesn't stop. The twin of Jill Kelley has been linked to a military lobbyist, who loaned the twin, Natalie Kawam, $300,000. There's also a link to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

HuffPo has the story:

Kelley's identical twin sister, Natalie Khawam, profited from her own lobbying connection. Bankruptcy records show that Gerald "Jerry" Harrington, a Rhode Island lobbyist and Democratic fundraiser, loaned Khawam $300,000 that she was unable to pay back.

Khawam dated Harrington while she lived with her sister in Tampa, Fla., attending the many parties Kelley hosted for military officers stationed at nearby MacDill Air Force Base. At the time Harrington, too, had plenty of connections with the military. But not the social kind.

Since 2010, Harrington's lobbying firm, Capitol City Group, has made $1.14 million from clients with lobbying interests in military spending and defense bills, according to disclosure reports.

The largest of them is Picerne Military Housing, which constructs, sells, and manages housing on U.S. military bases. Since 2010, Harrington and his business partner have received $300,000 from Picerne, and an additional $40,000 from Picerne's subsidiary, Picerne Capital. In exchange, they actively lobbied Congress on 42 bills, ranging from military base construction to World War II memorials.

Lobbying records also show that Harrington made $40,000 in the past two years lobbying the Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress on behalf of Radiation Therapy Services...

Harrington helped introduce Khawam to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.). A Kerry spokesperson told the Boston Herald that Kerry met Khawam "a couple of times" at an annual Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee event on Martha’s Vineyard.


  1. There goes Kerry's chance to be Sec Defence.
    Can't wait for the next high heel to drop. And you know how many pairs a woman has, don't we?

  2. I've heard speculation that these ladies are foreign agents, but it appears to be something much, much worse than that. These ladies are working against this nation on behalf of the Democratic National Committee.

  3. Actually, if Kerry met her and takes him out as Sec Defence, I'd say they were working on behalf of the nation.

  4. In 2006, Grayson Wolfe was listed as a U S Government Official in the Export -Import Bank.
    Natalie claimed he had property in Dubai and Paky.
    While the News Media has been flooded with pieces on Natalie Khawam, bringing out SEX SELLS pieces, and the branding of her as "unstable", while a powerfully connected D C judge took her kid away from her, covert activity has been employed to scrub any thing on Grayson Wolfe.
    Mr Wolfe lives in Maryland not far from the metro into D C.
    Powerful people want to keep his nexis to all out of the NEWS.
    The fact that $ 300,000 was provided in a cover loan to Natalie by the money man for Senator John Kerry, will raise more issues., will it ever.
    Further, the Rolex and Diamond that Natalie sold for living expenses were real. They must have been she got over $ 40,000 on that , along with a fur coast sale( all noted in bankruptcy records in FL)
    Can any person on the face of the earth point to one whistleblower client of NATALIE Khawam, that she actually represented in Court...? in the USA ?
    Is there not one News org on the face of the Earth, or in the U S who has lexis, or does the U S press like being gamed.

  5. It is increasingly looking as if editorial control of the news media has been taken over by American (and other) intelligence agencies, doesn't it?

    I was watching a 9/11 video yesterday that was commenting on how all of the people whom were initially interviewed by the media about 9/11 - witnesses, mostly - were other media professionals ... many of them, editors and executives whom 'just happened' to be in positions to see events.

    (The same video suggested that five of the different videos submitted as evidence of a plane striking WTC towers all 'just happened' to fall upon a single straight line, 'coincidentally' allowing one to see the second supposed 'airliner' as it approached the tower - they suggested that computer graphics had been employed by news studio staff to enhance the suggestion that it was an airliner rather than, say, a JASSM - but let us not get distracted, that's a 'whole 'nother topic.)

    As if control over the mass media conferred control over the group mind. Hah!