Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You can no longer "Gamble" on Intrade...

 ...But now you can get your lotto ticket at the pump, emails Joe Osmundson.

He continues:

Yep the gang of thieves writ large keeps making me laugh.  In MN you can only do real gambling at the reservations or the one state sanctioned horse race track.  Oh, Pull tabs in the bars (old school scratch ticket) too. 
In other words, gambling is largely restricted, but now for your convenience you can get your quick picks at the gas pump or ATM.  This translates to the state wants easier access to the wallets of the poor!  But hey at least we are safe from an unlicensed futures trading market where you had good odds of actually coming out ahead, rather than flushing your money down into the state's coffers.  


  1. Oh yeah! Powerball over $500 million, (excluding taxes), someone has to win it, right?

  2. This is a big part of the Intrade story. It's taking longer to get my caffeine at the convenience store, given the people in line for Lotto. The house takes the pot, tho, and Intrade was/is a competitor.

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