Wednesday, December 12, 2012

7th Circuit Strikes Illinois Concealed-Carry Ban

Kyle Johnson emails:

This is huge news for Illinois citizens, especially those in Rhamaland.
Hopefully both concealed and open carry will be allowed


  1. I hope Illinois doesn't adopt some system like New York where only the rich and famous are allowed permits. Fingers crossed.

  2. doesnt matter if open carry is 'allowed'

    here in CT there is open carry, nobody dares to do it even though it is completely legal. if you open carry you will be arrested for disturbing the peace or any other number of laws with no definition.

    just because something isnt illegal doesnt always mean it is legal.

  3. I love any victory for more liberty but I always cringe when it is granted from some arm of the federal government.

    A Huffpost article quotes The New Republic, which "stipulates that a literal reading of the Second Amendment grants the "right to bear arms" only to state militias, not private citizens."

    Naturally The New Republic is staffed by state drones. Hey, TNR, who do you think staffed state militias? It was obviously private citizens who were deemed necessary to the security of a free state, and against enemies foreign/domestic. The private citizens purchased, privately, their own firearms and owned them at HOME, not some armory they had to rush to.

    Since private citizens organized and trained in state militias, that obviously lays out the right to carry these weapons in public. These gun control liars fail to see how much safer and free we'd be if any citizen who wanted a gun could buy one, without permits at all. I have little doubt crime would drop dramatically.

    Besides, if the feds completely outlawed guns for everyone but army/police, we'd witness the occurrence of what happens during all prohibitions: some would break the cartel agreement and compete. Individuals within government would see the profitability of selling guns illegally. At that point, current trends would get worse, and guns would be sold primarily to criminals willing to break the law, committing theft, rape, and murder.