Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Challenge to Paul Krugman

I note your recent post in favor of more gun controls. Would you please demonstrate how this would work, by whistling your way through the south-side of a city with one of the toughest gun laws in the country, Chicago. I would like to see you do this every night for one week starting around 10:00 PM each night ?

Yup, you in Rhamaland, no firearms, just your fists---whistling (any tune you want).


  1. I would prefer to challenge John lotts work considering krugman likes equations so much

  2. The Polar Bear hunters who don't exist in MSM's world would beat the snot out of him long before he would get shot.
    He would then say "see, if there was no gun control here in Rhamaland I would be dead instead of beaten."

  3. By Krugman's logic we should also reinstate alcohol prohibition. How did that work out for the country? It certainly didn't stop the creation, transportion, sale, and consumption of alcohol. Violent crime skyrocketed and enabled great wealth to amass for those engaging in this.

    How they think this would stop guns from getting into dangerous hands is beyond me. Peaceful people would be at the mercy of violent criminals, and it would become their interests to obtain weapons illegally to protect themselves. The comments on Krugman's post are just as unsettling. People are even blaming gun owners collectively for the violence at our schools.

    If I could buy a boat and move to international waters, I'd consider that.

  4. The latest spin seems to be that gunman in the Connecticut killed himself when "first responders" entered the building. I am guessing that was because they were armed.

  5. The South Side's a breeze (with the exception of Pilsen) compared to the West Side. Most of the increase in (gang) violence has occurred north of Addison and west of Western/California. If you've ever been, you know what I'm talking about.

  6. Put your money where your fat mouth is, Krugman. Walk at night in Chicago since gun control works!