Sunday, December 16, 2012

Former Ron Paul Advisor Now Hustling Multi-Level Marketing Weight Loss Program

Doug Wead, who was a Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush and later found his way to the Ron Paul campaign, has called Jesse Benton, a brilliant strategist. Nuff said on that topic.

Now in a video interview, he tells us that he has moved on and is hustling a multi-level marketing weight loss program. It appears he is using Ron Paul campaign contacts (lists?) to hustle the program. At one point in the interview, the 3:37 mark, he has a golly-gee moment and says that, well, gosh darn all the people he is sponsoring are "coming in from the liberty movement." He also says, I wonder what people are going to think? So do I.


  1. It's disappointing at the people that Dr. Paul surrounded himself with (though, from what I remember, Doug Wead generally did a good job during the campaign). Prior to supporting Ron Paul, however, Doug Wead helped get Dubya elected by convincing the family that Dubya should go with the "born again" angle to win over the evangelicals.

  2. Wow. Fuck that guy. Unfortunately, the Ron Paul crowd is perfect to market MLMs to.