Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another Clue Pointing to Libertarian Writer(s) at "Sherlock Holmes"

Alex emails:
I remember a few weeks back, you had a post about the Sherlock Holmes show, Elementary, where it dissed Keynes:

Well, I've been watching that show, and saw a recent episode that gives more evidence that there's probably some libertarian writers running the show behind the scenes -- in this clip, Holmes says he's pro-prostitution legalization, and there's even passing mention of the economics of blackmail:

Prostitution, blackmail, anti-Keynes. Maybe we have a Walter Block fan as part of the writing team.


  1. Additionally, in another episode, it's mentioned that Sherlock's position at the NYPD is as an UNPAID consultant -- so although he works with the police, he doesn't leech off the NYC taxpayers. And in nearly every episode, he steers the police away from arresting the wrong person.

    - Alex

  2. In episode 4 (the same one in which he disses Keynes), he has some unflattering things to say about bankers: "I loathe bankers.They've rigged the roulette wheel of commerce, very nearly destroyed the world economy, and they still think that if they wear suits they'll be treated like respectable folk instead of the crooks that they are."