Friday, December 14, 2012

Bernanke's Money Printing Magic Dust Pushes SF Office Rents to the Highest in the World

Ben Bernanke mad money printing has hit the Silicon Valley head on and is creeping north to the city by the bay. San Francisco is no longer covered by just fog, but also by Bernanke newly printed money.

The cost of occupying office space in San Francisco soared the most of any market in the world as technology companies such as and Mozilla Corp. fueled leasing in the city, according to broker CBRE Group, reports Bloomberg.

Occupancy costs -- rents plus local taxes and service charges -- surged 36.4 percent in downtown San Francisco to $90 a square foot in the year to Sept. 30 CBRE said in its semiannual survey of world office markets. That was the biggest jump among 133 areas globally.


  1. My company has major clients in the bay area and we've opted to expand our physical presence there via myself and a colleague opening up shop there. With the outrageous rent prices we've decided to initially work from home. The only problem is "home" is also another extraordinarily expensive bill. Can anyone in the area recommend where I should look for affordable housing with access to San Francisco via BART? Oakland? Somewhere in the East Bay?

    1. This is probably further away than what you intended, but how Fremont?

  2. Thank goodness the Mozilla Foundation is "non-profit" and therefore doesn't enrich the City with real estate taxes.

    William: A lot of people like Oakland.

  3. That seems rather outrageous. If there's one thing that should be kept for office space, it has to be affordability to foster growth. Companies can't survive if the expenses for keeping an office are too high (unless they rely solely on digital offices).