Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bi-Polar Semi-Reformed Gold-Hater Has Gold in His Portfolio

Joe Weisenthal, who has penned many a screed against gold and who in the past admitted that he was wrong about gold, has come full circle and now owns gold in his portfolio. This is despite his recent apparent anti-gold standard view.

Gareth Brickman emails me:
Interesting to note paper money enthusiast Joe Wiesenthal's disclosure on Business Insider: 
Disclosure: Joe's investments include various index funds, gold as well as individual positions in Apple, American Apparel, BP, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Kyocera, Nokia, Sanofi Steelcase, Posco, Omnivision, Berkshire Hathaway (a B share!), Smith & Wesson and AIG.


  1. So he believes in gold while telling people to not by any? Somewhat hypocritical.

  2. Welcome to the team Weezer.

  3. He was probably just bashing it in the hope of getting a good buy-in price earlier this year.

  4. Just like George Soros. Yet another case study on watching people^s actions rather than their rhetoric.

  5. as a friend of joe's, let me say: he's held gold for a while now -- i'm talking years.