Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coming Up on The Robert Wenzel Show

By, Chris Rossini

This Week's Guest is Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone is a legendary filmmaker with a long-list of blockbuster hits. Oliver and his co-auther Peter Kuznick join The Robert Wenzel Show to discuss their new book: "The Untold History of The United States."  Find out what Stone said when Wenzel asked him if his 9-11 non-questioning of the official story blocked out other 9-11 movies from being made.

This Sunday - December 9th

Sunday, December 16th - Judyth Vary Baker
Judyth Vary Baker
Judyth Vary Baker was once a promising science student who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer, but strayed from a path of mainstream scholarship at the University of Florida to a life of espionage in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Judyth explains her fascinating story, as well as her book Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald.

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