Thursday, December 20, 2012

How the Newtown Massacre Became a Mind-Control Television Event

By Jon Rappoport

Mind control. Mass hypnosis. Operant conditioning. Brain entrainment. That’s what we’re talking about here.

We’re so conditioned to how television covers life that we rarely step back and take notice.
In the case of massive disasters and crimes, network news rules the roost.
First, the premiere anchors, who are managing editors of their own broadcasts, give themselves the go signal. They will leave their comfortable chairs and travel to the scene of crime. “It’s that big.”

The anchors lend gravitas. Their mere presence lets the audience know this story trumps all other news of the moment. That’s the first hypnotic cue and suggestion.
Of course, the anchors were not in Newtown, Connecticut, as reporters. They weren’t there to dig up facts. Their physical presence at the Sandy Hook School and in the town was utterly irrelevant.

They could have been doing their newscasts from their studios in New York. Or from a broom closet.

But much better to be standing somewhere in Newtown. It imparts the sense of crisis to the viewing millions.

At the same time, the anchors are also there to give assurance. The subliminal message they transmit is: whatever has happened here is controllable.

The audience knows the anchors will provide the meaning and the official voice of the tragedy. The anchors are, in a way, priests, intoning their benediction to the suffering and their elegies to the dead.

This is what the audience expects, and this is what they get.
This expectation, in fact, is so deep that anything else would be considered an insult, a moral crime.

For example, suppose a network suddenly shifted gears and began interviewing police and residents and asking tough questions about contradictions in the official scenario. Suppose that became the primary focus. Suppose the tone became argumentative, in the interest of, God forbid, the truth.

In other words, in a jarring shift of perspective, the anchors began asking questions to seek answers. What a concept.

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  1. God how I wish the news would do this. There are too many holes in the official story for it to be true. Where is the second shooter? Where is his girlfriend?

    The lapdog media is full of shit.

  2. We saw this with 911. Tragic event, but massively larger actions taken than merited. These included Iraq War; Afghanistan War; Patriot Act; Dept. of Homeland Security; TSA; massive buildup in
    defense/homeland security leading to billions of dollars down the drain and further wealth transfer to DC and environs.

    Having recently sat in a hotel room for a few days, being forced to watch cable TV offerings(something I normally do not do), it struck me as to what a powerful propaganda tool they really are. They play upon people's heartstrings for this and that, and of course their message(and their advertisers)is if you buy this and that, your life will be complete. No wonder HELOC'S and credit is back in heavy use. They are very powerful tools for growth of 'The State.'

    As for Newtown, yes, the same formula is being used as a means to quickly jam through new legislation early 2013, take away your rights, grow government. I am seeing some pushback by the firearms crowd though, as perhaps some recognize the 'game' being played.