Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is Campaign for Liberty Ditching A Public Stance Against US Global Interventions?

Tom Woods posts at his blog:
A friend writes:

My source was a participant at the C4L annual cadre training meeting in Florida last week: John Tate and Mike Rothfeld were featured and at the final full session Tate emphasized, without any real explanation, that C4L was to have nothing to do with foreign policy. It will only deal with domestic issues like audit the fed and will be supporting the Rand Paul agenda. Wead, Hunter, Benton and Tate are all already enlisted in the effort and are on the Rand PAC’s payroll.
(ht Travis Holte)


  1. What the hell is going on over there? I stopped contributing to C4L a long time ago...but I was hoping for some change when getting that letter a few months back about Ron Paul taking a more active role in it again?

    Was that all just bullshit? Why the hell is Ron letting his name be put on their crap if it conflicts with major philosophical positions he's taken?

    Disgusting. I wonder how many people they sucked back in with that little "Ron Paul is back" letter they sent out.(and he signed)

    What a scam.

    1. "Thanks for your support guys... But we got this know... Just trust us... What do you think we are, Politicians?"

  2. If this was a year ago I would be shocked but at this point I'm not surprised.

  3. I guess C4L is really "Crusin' 4 Losin'".

  4. What is with people wanting to be part of an "official" organization anyway?
    It just leads to shady, unprincipled people taking on the role of the shepherd with the rest of them acting like sheep. In the end, it ends up co-opted and pointless.

  5. You should see the apologia over at RonPaulForums. That place has come to be dominated Rand worshipers, loudmouth ignoramuses that can't even recognize that he and the rabble who surround him are taking us backward as a movement.

  6. What a gang!
    I'm simply stunned.

  7. Most sheep feel comfortable on a farm. I've left the farm years ago.

    Which is why i wouldn't consider myself part of any movement that sees the farm as a good place to be. These people jumped from Ron to Rand because they simply cannot imagine not being led and not having faith in a politician, and in the system as the solution against itself.

    Be your own man; stop considering yourself part of a movement that the Rand Paul herd considers itself part of. Secede.

  8. Falls in line with Rand's neocon leanings—could be preparation for his visit to Israel.

  9. My C4L is all Ron Paul supporters. I have not seen any notice from C4L that it is dropping noninterventionist foreign policy.