Friday, December 7, 2012

Is There a Socialism-Capitalism Debate Going on in the Country?

Dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster has named the words socialism and capitalism as the top searched for words in the year 2012.

The publisher bases its annual choices on search volume from its website. Peter Sokolowski, the dictionary’s editor at large, said the words trended together in searches, with especially large spikes when President Obama’s health care law was in the news. Socialism was also very popular on Election Day.

BusinessWeek asked Merriam-Webster to provide them with the business-related most searched for words. Herewith, in alphabetical order, via MW and BW, are some of the English language’s consistently most-looked-up business words:

• acquisition
• bureaucracy
• entrepreneur
• expedite
• indemnification
• innovation
• niche
• patronize
• proprietary
• stewardship


  1. According to Mises there are three possible economic arrangements: socialism, interventionism (aka, "mixed economy"), or capitalism. The US has a "mixed economy" so maybe people are yearning for something else and checking out their options. A very good summary of all three is found in Liberalism in the Classical Tradition available from

  2. How about "New World Order" and "slavery"?

  3. Read The Progressive Virus, available on Amazon, to understand the gravity of this issue

  4. Geez, that almost seems healthy, that people are actually interested in that stuff.

    Control-F is a great tool, almost up there with the hoe.

  5. Wonder where the word "Santorum" ranked on that list.

    1. I don't know, but it is my favorite "dirty word". Calling someone a piece of Santorum always makes me smile...especially if they don't get it.