Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama Follows The Footsteps of Lincoln & Bismarck

By, Chris Rossini
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If you've never heard of Otto von Bismarck, you can think of him as Germany's version of Abraham Lincoln. (You know about Lincoln right?).

Both Lincoln and Bismarck (in the late 1800's) converted their respective countries, which were both confederations of states, into consolidated nation-states.

Both did so by becoming virtual dictators during war.

And wouldn't you know...not long after the creation of these giant consolidated states, they would fight, not one, but two World Wars against one another.


There was one significant difference between Bismarck's Germany and Lincoln's America. Bismarck was the first to create the modern welfare state. He was the first to introduce old age pensions, accident insurance, medical care and unemployment insurance.

America (much the follower of tyrannical gimmicks that are introduced overseas) would jump on the welfare state wagon slightly later.

And now, many years later, we're all trying to tread water in the U.S.'s welfare ocean. The mentality has sunk so low that if you're against government giving out free contraceptives, you must be some kind of barbarian.

Yes, when it comes to government handouts, Americans are now all-in.

So where does Obama stack up in the Bismarckian/Lincolnian paradigm?

Does he getting a passing grade?

You bet he does!

First, when it comes to the Total State, here's Obama:
“You know, we have to make sure that we don’t start turning on each other...And I will do everything I can, as long as I am president of the United States, to remind the American people that we are one nation, under God. And we may call that God different names, but we remain one nation.”
In other words, the crazy people in Texas, who are talking about secession, better wise up. We're one nation, whether you like it or suck it up.

What about the Welfare State?

Here what the pioneer Bismarck had to say:
“Life-insurance, accident insurance, sickness insurance should not be the subjects of private speculation. They should be carried out by the state or at least insurance should be on the mutual principle and no dividends or profits should be derived by private persons.”
Sound familiar?

Both Bismarck and Lincoln would be extremely proud.


  1. Rothbard would like the work being done on this site.

    "To restate my view of the proper strategy: we must, first and foremost, nourish and increase the hard core; we must, then, try to diffuse and advance principles and action as far as possible in the direction of hardcore doctrines. To abandon the hard core is liquidationist; to abandon all hardcore leverage upon others is to remain sterile and ineffective. We must combine the two elements; we must, in short, nourish and develop a hard core, which will then permeate and exert leverage upon others." Rothbard

    1. That is quite a compliment...Thank you!

    2. That's why I read this site, Chris. You guys are hardcore, and so am I.

      I thank the Mises Institute for bringing me to EPJ.

      Happy New Year!

  2. Like Lincoln, von Bismarck was both a giant and a catastrophe.

    As well as the list above, he provoked wars (including the ruinous Franco-Prussian War) and instituted a system of state education which was widely copied elsewhere.

  3. It's interesting how much influence Germany has has on the US. We had the 48ers(?) who fled Germany and found positions of influence under Lincoln, and we then copied their statist educational model which has prevailed til now. There is also the racist superiority of the white man that was prevalent for so long and under which we conquered the Phillipines and imposed our empire on other Nations which we had in common with Germany. It's strange that at one time Germans weren't even desired in this country, but now our roots are more Germanic in practice, than British.

  4. Chris thanks for highlighting the way elitist schemes occur simultaneously around the globe in history. Just like how the US got a fascist dictator (FDR) the same time Germany, Italy and japan got them (and others). I like it as evidence against the "national exceptional ism" belief system.

    1. "National exceptionalism" ... Ha!

      I'm sure having the world reserve currency and most powerful central bank also play a role in creating that illusion.

    2. Chris,

      National exceptionalism is a doubly dangerous delusion because it imposes two fallacious beliefs on its adherents:

      1.) That sinister political machinations "can't happen here"
      2.) If such machinations do occur, it is only because they are good and necessary (when they occur within an "exceptional" system/nation)

    3. Yes...nasty beliefs.

      The Internet is helping to (maybe) put a crack into #1.

      #2 is the tough one. Just look what the Empire does overseas while Americans turn a blind eye.

      Perhaps when belief #1 completely falls apart, it'll take #2 with it.

    4. #2 may be taking a hit from the inside by the experiences of 500k US soldiers doing empire's bidding, as demonstrated by high suicide rates. American eyes are easily turned blind. Soldiers, not so much.