Monday, December 24, 2012

On Becoming A Firehose For Liberty

By, Chris Rossini
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Last week, I wrote an article "On Proclaiming Liberty Throughout The Land".

The following takes that article a step further:

Libertarians know that being a libertarian is not an easy task. Here you are with this knowledge of the benefits of peace, commerce, private property, sound money, etc…and yet the State and its believers have created the flipside...and you live in it.

Oftentimes, you can feel like the lone lightbulb surrounded by others who have the wool of slavery pulled over their eyes.

You can't be too hard on them though, because before you learned about liberty, you probably had the wool pulled over your eyes as well.

I'm not an exception…I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, went through an Ayn Rand phase, and used to consider myself a Republican.

So you can't be too hard on others.

It can, though, be very easy to fall into the trap of pessimism. You may get into frequent disagreements with a cousin or coworker. You fail to convince them, so what chance can you have on making a big impact? You may be tempted to throw in the towel, and just live as a grumpy libertarian curmudgeon.

My plea to you: Don't.

You see, a life-jacket has been thrown to Liberty…and it's called the Internet.

The limits on who you can reach have been removed from merely your cousin and coworker. They may never get it, but that's not your problem anymore.

The focus is now on the multitudes around the world that are hungry for the knowledge of liberty. Your job is to help satisfy that hunger.

So instead of becoming a curmudgeon, become a Firehose of Liberty.

Start a blog, get on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube…and let it fly. Become a force for good.

By turning your attention away from those who will never be convinced, to those who are open and hungry for knowledge, you'll start to see that, unlike when you felt like a lone bright bulb, there are actually many many others like you out there.

Don't worry about views, follows, friend counts, etc. Don't worry about how you will get traffic and monetize. This isn't about fame and fortune. This is about getting the knowledge that's sitting between your ears out there. If you happen to make money, than that's just an added bonus.

You may get 5 visitors to your great article, and may be tempted into thinking that you're not reaching anyone.

Don't fall into that trap.

You see, as libertarians, we have the privilege of working with what Hayek called "spontaneous order". You oftentimes won't see the results that are presented in a mere view count.

What if one of your 5 visitors has 1,000 Facebook friends. Your visitor writes something to them based on your work. Without knowing it, you just reached 1,000 people.

When working with the spontaneous order, you can't get hung up on what is seen.

Below is a perfect example of the point that I'm trying to drive home here. It's a story of a man who saw a "Google Ron Paul" bumper sticker one day. He didn't know who's car it was, but he ended up Googling Ron Paul.

Well 5 years later, this same person, who saw that sticker and acted on it, created the The Ron Paul Super Brochure…3.5 million of them that went across the country!

One bumper sticker converted into 3.5 million pamphlets!

That's called "Spontaneous Order".

If the State had to fight against what was seen only, then we would be doomed. But it doesn't. It must fight against the unseen, which constantly runs circles around it.

So be that firehose (and I mean firehose, not a leaky faucet).

Bring it...each day!

When your light goes out someday, you'll be able to take comfort in the fact that you did everything you could to leave the prospects for liberty much better, and the world much brighter than when you arrived.


  1. Makes me want to start a blog, but I don't feel my positions are strong enough yet. I'll continue reading daily, and hope soon I'll have the guts and information.

    btw, I attribute my finding of Austrian economics to the "Peter Schiff was right" video that got me interested. 27 years old, married, and have convinced the wife libertarianism is the way to go!
    I post to facebook often (only about libertarian stuff) and try to convince my friends via email. Slow progress there.

    Thanks for pushing us.

  2. Chris-

    This is your best post yet. I plan on taking the time tomorrow (where I am hosting 30+ family members, and cooking my ass off) to preach about how freedom is dying, and that we need to get serious about rolling back the FEDS, and preaching secession as the only way. I imagine it will cause a lot of conflict...but it's my damn house!

    When I pull the Jesus card, and talk about how he would condemn the money changers in the Federal Reserve and the murderers at the Pentagram...gon

  3. Libertarians are the minority. Libertarians face a tough battle against a big majority indoctrinated with Democratic Socialism views (which assume that government plays major and legitimate role in directing the economy and social conducts). It is hard to change a lifetime of looking at things in the way that they have been educated to believe is the correct way. Furthermore, it is said that 80% of Libertarians spend 80% of time disagreeing and attacking the other 20% of Libertarians who is fighting for the liberty cause. It is counter productive to argue whether one is more Libertarian than another. We must instead constantly remind ourselves than Libertarianism is not a religious cult. I have recently set up my facebook page at and my book entitled "Lao Zi Philosophy of Liberal Government" will be published soon. I pledge to donate all the proceeds of the publication to non-profit websites such as Ludwig von Mises Institute and Wikipedia to continue their great enthusiasm in spreading useful knowledge which empower the people of the world. This is to do my bit for the Libertarian cause.