Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Plymouth Rock and Jamestown: From Communism to Private Property by Murray Rothbard


  1. Can anyone explain why I hated learning history in high school but love learning it from Rothbard?

    1. Truth is always easier to digest. You can relate to the reality of it.

      One good insight I have arrived at is a retort to such thinking as 'the world has gone to shit'. When you learn accurate history you learn that, in certain senses, it always has been shit. These battles are not old, they are just attempting to have them forgotten.

  2. This is a great story and unfortunately, Rothbard gets many facts wrong. First it is important to note that these were not greedy or shiftless people as he suggests. They were highly driven and industrious people (even to the threat of eternal damnation). So it was NOT the issue of diligence or greed as he suggests.

    Secondly, it was after prayer and getting wisdom from Biblical law that he realized they "erred" in understanding God's perfect will of how to operate economically. Many Libertarians join the left in the secularization of America - but it was in fact prayer and divine revelation (according to Bradford) that this economic organization came.)

    Read Bradford's historical account yourself here: