Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Police Raid at Deutsche Bank World Headquarters

This is from a Google translation of a report in German from Handelsblatt:
Frankfurt raid at Deutsche Bank: Before the Twin Towers are ten VW team buses and two large Mercedes buses of the Federal Police, in the foyer, five riot police taken a position. Tax inspectors and officials in suits and ties and black arm bands with the word "police" rush out of the elevator into a conference room. They wear heavy black briefcase, a staff member described the start of the raid as "martial".

Germany's largest financial institution is involved apparently deeper into the scandal surrounding the multi-million dollar tax fraud in CO2 emission allowances to be known. Some 500 officials from prosecution, and Federal Tax Police on Wednesday searched the Frankfurt headquarters of the Bank and other offices and apartments, as the Attorney General's Office announced Frankfurt.

Against five unnamed employees of Deutsche Bank warrants were issued, total is now calculated against 25 bankers. It now not only going to tax evasion, but also to the charge of money laundering. In addition to bankers have tried to cover up evidence.

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  1. Sounds like Merkel is playing hardball with them on austerity...

    They'll fall in line now that the state has used its ultimate weapon, the bullet.