Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Union Assault in MIchigan

Kevin Walker emails:

Violence is the true nature of unoins.


  1. Video Camera: $180

    Leather Jacket: $200

    Cost of getting benefits from the union without being in the union: $0

    Showing union workers as the ignorant masses they really are: Priceless

    1. Benefits from the union without being in the union: none.

  2. I showed this video to a union women at work. Her response "Well the reporter must have done something to provoke him" "They didn't pull the tent down. It just collapsed". Translation in English "I am not responsible for my aggression if I feel like you gave me a reason, which I subjectively get to choose. Rationalization is the only recourse I have to justify violence.

  3. Another badge of honor is being hated by these union monsters. If people could freely come in and "undercut" union wages, they wouldn't be doing it for free, they'd be doing it (probably better) for less.

    Not at taxpayer expense either. Unions divorced from government power would be fine. However, private property rights are genuine rights. Gains made from collective bargaining are not rights.

    I'd gladly see minimum wage and overtime disappear for people to have the right to individually bargain. Hardly anyone except Austrian economists talk about that.

  4. Funny, no one ever uses "angry old white men" to describe unions. I guess that is reserved as a liberal slur for rich people.

  5. Crowder shouldn't have been smuggling donuts in his jacket. He brought it upon himself.

  6. I hope he uses the video to prosecute the guy who hit him for assault.

    It will get MAJOR media attention, but it will make him a target.