Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Report:Tax Hikes and Cuts in Social Security Coming

Paul Krugman informs:
It sounds as if Ezra Klein is hearing more or less the same things I’m hearing: Republicans willing to give up a lot more on tax rates, although not fully undoing the Bush tax cuts in the 250-400 range; additional tax hikes via deduction limits in a form that hits the wealthy, not the upper middle class (28 percent and all that); unemployment extension and infrastructure spending; but “chained CPI” for Social Security, which is a benefit cut.
Amazing, "chained CPI" is messing with the price inflation adjustment for seniors, while "infrastructure spending" is about stuffing money into the pockets of crony capitalists.

I wrote about the infrastructure scam, last year:
Friends tell me that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has formed various programs/groups to generate more revenue for the Chamber.

The various programs/groups then push their specific agendas at the Chamber. The pro-government spending infrastructure stance by the Chamber is not because of construction/engineering firms pushing the idea (although they are going along with it). The push is coming from the banksters, who have made enough contributions to the Chamber program/group, Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, to control it.

The banksters, led by UBS Groups America Chairman Robert Wolf, are the real players pushing the infrastructure deal. It's all about big $$$$. The banksters will be the major beneficiaries of any Federal infrastructure plan.

Democrats will be solidly behind the bill and friends tell me that there could be enough Republican support that an infrastructure bill will pass.
So now you know what "saving us from the fiscal cliff" is about: higher taxes, screwing seniors and  money going into the pockets of crony capitalists.


  1. Seniors need to be screwed. Of course, so does everyone else with his or her snout in the government trough.

    When can we discuss the people who need to *stop* getting screwed?

  2. Yes, many of us seniors have worked for in excess of 50 years to build a country that is intent on giving away most of the dollars it receives to those who spread their legs so they never have to work, but who will receive multiple times the benefits of those of us who built this nation. Those scum are the ones who should stop getting screwed and go to work.

  3. Most private equity underwriters have billions ready to invest in infrastructure.