Monday, December 17, 2012

Return of the McMansions

After five years of downsizing, homeowners may be "upsizing" once again. A growing family and a need for more living space are the prime reasons across the generations, according to a new survey by national homebuilder PulteGroup, according to CNBC's Diana Ollick.

"There appears to be a renewed sense of optimism in housing. Homebuyers, regardless of their stage of life, still want and need larger homes," said Pulte's chief marketing officer Deborah Meyer in a release. "Consistent with our consumer research, the survey results show that today's buyers are equally focused on more efficient use of the spaces within their homes."

TRANSLATION: Bernanke is printing and the money is easy.

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  1. Funny coincidence: CBC Radio 1 (Canada's public radio) said today that Canada's housing market seems to be grinding to a halt (an 8% drop compared to last month)! Looks like our bubble is about to pop.