Friday, December 21, 2012

The $380 Million Private Jet with a Turkish Bath, Boardroom and Concert Hall

Reports the Daily Mail:

When you have £16billion in the bank, a Cessna is simply not an option. 
Instead, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud is about to take delivery of an Airbus A380, the world’s biggest private jet. 
The same model is used by Singapore Airlines and Emirates and can fly 800 passengers 8,000 miles before refuelling. But the Saudi prince doesn’t need 800 seats, so he will have them removed to make room for an opulent, marble-finished Turkish bath and a parking space for his Rolls-Royce.
The plane will even boast a dedicated prayer area, in which computer-generated mats move to point towards Mecca.
In addition, according to DM the plane will have: 

  • A dazzling main spiral staircase as well as a lift which will travel the plane's three floors and lower onto the tarmac to act as the Prince's private entrance

  • Concert Hall featuring a grand piano, accoustic panelling and seating for an audience of ten. Big name entertainers are expected to perform.

  • Hamam steam room lined with marble only two millimetres thick to keep the weight down as well as a sensory area for treatments

  • A magnificent Wellbeing room for guests featuring a giant screen on the floor allowing them to see what they are flying over

  • A full size boardroom featuring a large perspex table which doubles as a huge touchscreen 

  • A total of five luxury suites as well as a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically turn to face mecca 

  • Ample parking space for a Rolls Royce  

  • More pics here.


    1. Makes Air Force One look like a crop duster.

      Fiscal cliff be damned. Our Imperial Commander-in-Chief needs one of these now! Call Bernanke!

    2. Wow. If only there were a special compartment for female entertainers, an old stereotype would be rejuvenated in living caricature.

    3. The wealth you can obtain with a government monopoly at your back...

    4. And it runs on human blood. How many beheadings, stonings, carpet bombings and other acts of state-sponsored terror paid for this monstrosity? I guess 911 is still paying big dividends...

      1. The Saudi Royals are actually targets of Islamic terrorists -- because its clear to that they are not actually devout but pampered puppets of the US Empire.

    5. Where's the vault? You have to have a place to put the gold, diamonds, and currency. Also, where do the thoroughbreds go?