Friday, December 21, 2012

David Gordon on Murray Rothbard

This is very exciting news. David Gordon will be teaching a course Rothbard: A Life Lived for Liberty at the Mises Institute.

David was a personal friend of Murray's. David writes about the course:
Murray Rothbard was the most important libertarian theorist of the twentieth century.In this course, we’ll examine his unique synthesis of Austrian economics and individualist anarchism, which has set the agenda for much of the contemporary libertarian movement.
The course will cover both Rothbard’s life and works. Students who complete the course will learn how Rothbard arrived at his libertarian views and his main activities in advocating them. We will also look at his life as a scholar and cover his main contributions to economic theory, political philosophy, and history. 
The course will be based on readings from Rothbard’s main works and also on my The Essential Rothbard. In addition, throughout the course I will refer to what I learned from Rothbard in my conversations with him over many years.
I am a pretty busy guy, but I am going to sign up for this one. More details here.


  1. To say that he was THE most important libertarian theorist of the 20th century is a pretty subjective statement.

    1. In respect to Rothbard's outstanding coherent and cogent knowledge and writing abilities entwining history, philosophy, economics, and classical liberalism and who was magnificently consistent and followed the trains of logic and reason to their thorough and complete end points, it is very hard, if not impossible, to find anyone to surpass him. Subjective certainly, but nevertheless very sound assessment by Mr Gordon.