Friday, December 14, 2012

The Really Scary Thing about the TSA

I have discussed before that the real danger of the TSA is TSA agents being called away from their feel-up activities at the airport and acting to assist the government in other ways.

The TSA blog reports this:
 Over  the past five weeks, thousands of New Yorkers have come in contact with more than 700 TSA officers, inspectors and administrative personnel from 200 airports across the country, men and women who have volunteered for a FEMA-led New York humanitarian recovery and assistance effort in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  But odds are that they never knew it because these TSA employees literally traded in their blue security uniforms, black TSA inspector jackets and TSA badges for a FEMA badge to help residents recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.
This is a relatively benign use of the body grabbers. But it makes my point, the body grabbers can be taken off their body grab duties for other government activities. What if price inflation heats up and price controls are instituted? Will the body grabbers be sent out into the land to monitor against price increases and black markets developing? I fear we have not seen the end of the interventionist  roles to be played by these characters. They are rested and ready.

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