Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Republican Party Really Is Dead Meat

By, Chris Rossini
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This week, Sen. Marco Rubio received an award that is almost as glamorous as winning an Oscar: The Kemp Leadership Award from The Jack Kemp Foundation.

In a related story this week, the press was covering the big news for 2016. Apparently the two front-runners are Hillary Clinton and the aforementioned winner of this year's Kempy:

Yes, the thought of Queen Hillary taking the throne is almost vomit-inducing, but if Rubio is her competition, she'll take the Crown as easy as she took the White House furniture.

To help prove my assertion, here are some golden nuggets from Rubio's Kempy Awards acceptance speech:
One of the fundamental promises of America is the opportunity to make it to the middle class.
I know...I know....I'm feverishly searching through the writings of early Americans. The moment I find a reference to such a "promise," I'll update this post.

Don't wait around though, because I don't recall early Americans setting their sights so impeccably high. I reach the "middle class"...that's crazy talk.
We have a “Skills Shortage”. Too many Americans do not have the skills they need to do the new middle class jobs.
Senator Rubio, who's the horrendous teacher? One clue. It begins with a big G.

Let's move on.
Instead, we should follow the example set by Jack Kemp set, who laid the foundation for the Economic Recovery Act of 1981 that helped usher in the strong economic recovery during President Reagan’s first term.
Let's keep our eyes off of the The Maestro, who in the early 1980's, began what were to be the biggest bubbles that mankind had ever seen.

Sure was Kemp all the way.
Regulation is necessary to protect our natural environment, keep our food and medicine safe, and ensure fair competition and fair treatment of our workers. But regulations cost money to follow. The more expensive a regulation is, the less money a business has left to give raises or hire new people.  So we need to have a balanced approach to regulations. We have to weigh the benefit of any given regulation, against the impact it will have on job creation. That is why we should implement something like Senator Paul’s REINS Act so that if a regulation is going to cost the economy over $100 million, Congress gets the final say on it, not an unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat.
I think congratulations are in order for Senator Rand Paul. To have his name associated with such utter nonsense is quite a feat. Rand has surrounded himself with some good eggs.

Rubio's economic prowess continues to ooze out:
Sound monetary policy would also encourage middle class job creation. The arbitrary way in which interest rates and our currency are treated is yet another cause of unpredictability injected into our economy. The Federal Reserve Board should publish and follow a clear monetary rule – to provide greater stability about prices and what the value of a dollar will be over time.
How hard is it to get a copy of Murray Rothbard's What Has Government Done To Our Money?

It's FREE for crying out loud! Please Senator, just click the're embarrassing yourself.
We must provide the conditions for people to get the health coverage they need in an affordable way.
Whenever you hear politicians say the word "affordable," it (unfortunately) doesn't mean that they give up, and will now let the market take care of it. It means they're going to press on with their interventions, that will make things much more expensive.
We should also expand the number of Community Health Centers, as well as work with hospitals to find the best way to integrate them with their emergency rooms to try and get non-life threatening walk-ins to seek treatment there.
We look forward to these "Community Health Centers," but just so we can mentally prepare ourselves, will you be following the DMV or Post Office model? Either way, looks like we're packing an extra set of clothes.
...before they take out a student loan, let’s make sure students and their parents know how long it will take them to complete their education, what their likelihood of completion is, how much they can expect to make after graduation, and how much their monthly payment on the loan is going to be.
Wow...I know just the people who will be able to give you the precise answers to those questions. Please contact Ezra Klein and Paul Krugman. They'll hook you up with some great models and statistics....beautiful graphs too.
And let’s protect our nation’s safety net programs. Not as a way of life, but as a way to help those who have failed to stand up and try again, and of course to help those who cannot help themselves.
Now...the BS just mentioned above, coupled with what's coming next, is what makes The Republican Wing of the one-party state the more despicable.

Rubio, a very obvious statist, can in the same damn speech get away with saying the following:
Big government is not effective government. Big government has never worked. The promise of more government as the answer to all our problems is easy to sell. But when it is put in practice, it fails every time. Big government has never been able to create and sustain a vibrant and stable middle class.
And people eat it up!! It's the same speech!

Even David Brooks said that this very speech signifies a key moment in the Republican Party's revival.

Rubio isn't done:
Millions of Americans with jobs that pay more means more buyers for our products, more customers for our businesses and more taxpayers for our governments. The more they spend, the more jobs they create for others, who in turn spend their money in the economy as well.
...But I am still convinced that the overwhelming majority of our people just want what my parents had, a chance. A real chance to earn a good living, and provide even better opportunities for their children.
I hope you're right Senator about that "overwhelming majority", but if they ever get serious, and really want that "chance," it will be when people like yourself GET OFF OUR BACKS. And I don't mean in the Rand Paul sense...I mean in the Ron Paul sense.

If this is "the future" of the Republican Party, then Maureen Dowd might be right when she predicts that Queen Hillary will ride in on her militarized white horse:
But history will no doubt record that withering Republicans were finally wiped from the earth in 2016 when the relentless (and rested) Conquistadora Hillary marched in, General Bill on a horse behind her, and finished them off.
While the Conquistadora rests, libertarians better be pulling all-nighters and getting the word out about liberty. Four years goes by very fast.


  1. If that crazy feminist bitch ever gets anywhere near the oval office and I have the financial means to leave, I will. I will not be ruled by a Femi-Fascist. And not only that but the SAME TIRED big government maggot and warmongering killer.

    1. Don't let the door hit your flabby ass on the way out. Have fun basking in the sun in your happy libertarian hacienda in Somalia.

  2. Rand Paul has no chance against a guy like Rubio. I used to work a job were I talked to probably 200 different conservatives each week, and they love this guy. They would agree with me all day long when I would tell them that Romney was a liberal during the primaries, and then almost on cue almost everyone one of them would bring up this guy as the "real deal". When I would challenge that view and call him a big government republican, the response was always some variation of, "Oh, you got to give him a chance. I think he'll surprise you."

  3. Libertarian Review had neat cartoons in 1980, like this one of Kemp and Reagan:

  4. Rubio will disappear once Castro dies, the Cuban vote will fracture like any other ethic group, maybe even go for the democrats.
    Hilary will probably win in 2016 as americans are quite favourable to her as she has being annoying foriegners for the last 4 years and leaving americans alone but she'll be out by 2020 as she's too much of a lightning rod.

  5. But on the other hand, Hil still depends on Barry not dropping the ball economically, she'll sink with him and by that time W's memory might have faded just enough.

  6. I can't see Hillary winning. The manipulated recovery induced by fed money printing will be overwhelmed WELL before the end of Obama's second term. People will be hating on him (and the Dems) more than they were hating on Bush in 08.

    Sadly what I could see would be a Chris Christie Pres / Rubio VP ticket take the white house, and at some point in those four years our Republic as we know it will come to an end, Caesar style.