Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Modest Step in the Direction of Gun Control

Although I remain in favor of most Americans being allowed to own and  carry any guns they choose, and am against even gun registration, there is one group, I propose, that should be an exception to this rule: federal government employees. The emergence of the phrase,"going postal," is not for nothing.

The greatest atrocities in the history of mankind have been committed by government employees during periods after guns were confiscated from "the people." Thus, there is clear justification for disarming them.

If someone is threatening them, they should just do what they want all the rest of us to do, call the local police.

And further, since they are all just "serving" the people, in their minds, who would be shooting at them anyway?

But, sometimes, government employees have an odd definition of serving the people and that's what we need to protection against them.

Stalin's work in the gun controlled Soviet Union.

Hitler's work in gun controlled Germany.


  1. Agreed. I would like to see a blanket prohibition on any federal agents having weapons. If the feds needs weapons on hand for ANY reason, they should be required to use state and local .gov forces. Outside of the military the federal government should own ZERO weapons.

  2. I am all for gun control. The more control we have the tighter our shot groupings.

  3. Yesterday we learned here at EPJ that the Jews were unarmed before Hitler interned them. Does anyone know if the Japanese in the US were disarmed in a similar y before their internment?