Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apartment Rents Continue to Rise

The average nationwide monthly apartment rent was $1,048 in the fourth quarter, up 0.6% from the third quarter and up 3.8% from a year earlier, according to a report set to be released Tuesday by real-estate research firm Reis Inc, says WSJ. The year-over-year increase was the largest since 2007.


  1. I understand you point to above to show inflation, due to The Mad Printer, but IMO, it also brings to question your thesis that home prices -- esp in some areas -- are up 30+% over the past year.

    As I've pointed out, those home stats are distorted. But more directly: wouldn't apt rental price increase be very similar to home price increases? Something seems amiss.

  2. Yours truly was out in Southern California this weekend past looking at the apartment inventory and was told by one agent at a large, well-known development that they had leased 12 apartments just in the previous day when normally they'd lease 12 in one month.

    It's just one anecdote and just one apartment complex but judging by the fact that many nearby are at 97% capacity or greater, the demand seems to be quite strong.