Monday, January 7, 2013

Bank of America Harassing Business Operators

This isn't the first time I have heard of problems business owners have had  in dealing with Bank of America. The big banks really aren't concerned with taking care of customers. If their policies screw up, they will simply be bailed out by the government. They are, thus, much more concerned with serving the desires of the state, than depositors.

Stay ways from the monster banks and you will be much better off. Look for the banks that are aggressively seeking deposits. They are the most customer friendly.

Here's how B of A treats its customers:
Legal gun ownership in America is under attack on all sides. From pending bans that would restrict the sale, transfer and possession of certain weapons, to outright calls for repeal of the Second Amendment, we are entering an unprecedented era in American history.

So much so, that not only is the government now coming after your right to bear arms, but private sector businesses are following suit.

One of the country’s largest financial institutions, the ironically named Bank of America, has now taken it upon themselves to decide what is or is not a lawful business practice.

The following alert was posted on the Facebook page of licensed firearms dealer and manufacturer American Spirit Arms.

According to owner Joe Sirochman, the bank, which was recently caught engaging in the highly unlawful practice of laundering billions of dollars in Colombian drug cartel money, has put a freeze on American Spirit’s transaction deposits and has refused to release funds legitimately processed through the company’s web site.
In an apparent attempt to take the moral high road on the issue of gun ownership, Sirochman says the Bank of America manager he spoke to about the inaccessibility of his company’s funds told him the bank believes he “should not be selling guns and parts on the internet. 
Oh, for the day when banks treated customers and their money with respect. Government laws have now turned banks into spies for the state. Most banks have software that detects changes in deposit patterns, the velocity of money movement etc.You can be dong very innocent things, but if you get caught up in one of their algorithms, your money will be frozen.

That's why Bitcoin is growing.


  1. if any bank was going to do this it's fitting that it be named "Bank of America".

  2. Yea, these scumbag bankers want it both ways. Launder drug money for profit, no jail time here folks. Then want to tell you how your business is to run. Anybody out in cyberspace should pull their funds from this bankster fraud outfit. You won't hear this crap reported in the MSM.

  3. Bitcoin is non-political money; the more the effects of state control of money (including control of banks) become felt the more people will move to bitcoin.

  4. "Screw Banks - Use Bitcoin Instead"

  5. If we are to have big government and so many regulatory agencies I fail to see how anyone could disagree with punishing a bank for arbitrarily refusing to give someone his/her money. I am more than willing to bet that if the fine for withholding someone's money was $500 million per day - half of which goes to the aggrieved party, this would stop rather instantly.

    Or we could just get the government out of the banking system and institutions like BoA would fold within a year or two.

  6. I recently lost several hundred dollars from NSF fees because of TWO (not one, but TWO) very serious bugs on their web site. And there's nothing I can do about it (the fees were at another bank and even though I'm upset about it, they didn't actually do anything wrong - other than charge NSF fees which are lower than BofA's own fees).