Monday, January 7, 2013

Caught? LA Police Rocket Launcher Scare Tactic

Breitbart reports:

Earlier we reported that the Los Angeles Police Department made a big show of having found "rocket launchers" during it most recent gun buyback program. We pointed out that the so-called launchers were being misreported and the police were likely using them as a scare tactic. But now we find that this same police chief has apparently done this before.

On December 27 L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck displayed a pair of what he claimed were "weapons of war" turned in during his latest gun buyback program. Chief Beck told the media that a pair of "rocket launchers" turned up and he evidently wanted to scare his city and make waves in the media about his success in getting these "weapons of death" off the streets of L.A.
Of course, the "rocket launchers" Chief Beck showed the Old Media establishment were nothing of the kind. Instead, what Beck waved about during the December press conference were apparently U.S. Army training devices that were dummy devices. They are essentially prop pieces made to show young soldiers what such anti-tank weapons look like and how they feel. These training devices have likely never been able to fire anything nor could they be made to do so.
After the press conference, the Old Media establishment dutifully posted stories with scary headlines such as the L.A. Times' piece, "LAPD investigating rocket launchers taken at gun buyback."
Dozens of other Old Media outlets followed suit with scary headlines and many followed up with false stories, misreporting, and downright scaremongering.
But upon looking into this story further, it appears that Chief Beck has played this game at least once before and with what may have been the exact same device.
Back in May, Beck again paraded before the media with a "rocket launcher" he claimed his department had received during a gun buyback program. That piece, too, was clearly marked "trainer" and was incapable of ever firing any rockets.
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    Even better example of the hypocrisy of police. The main cop on the Biden Committee looking to ban firearms has a son who was CONVICTED of plotting a Columbine style attack at his school. This source is the same as the one who broke the Fast and Furious story, but he supplies links from mainstream media to prove it is the case anyway in the link.

    Wenzel and Chris, we need you to make this go viral and mainstream. This could deliver such a mighty blow to the Biden commission that they are defeated before their report is ever released if it does.

  2. Wow, there is more actual reporting on the LAPD at EPJ than available locally here in LA! Thanks EPJ!